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Some cool job hunting tips for the current economy!

http://lifehacker.com/5932210/why-you-didnt-get-the-interview http://lifehacker.com/why-you-didnt-get-the-interview-part-two-781629505?utm_campaign=socialflow_lifehacker_facebook&utm_source=lifehacker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow Always happy to share what I come across on the interwebs!

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Some more tips for job seekers…

You may remember this post from back in April:  It was timely to capture some of my thoughts whilst I was recruiting for a newly created role at work. So I have a couple of additions to the basics… 1. … Continue reading

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A few final tips – Overcoming your fear of the Psychometric Boogeyman…

Psychometric testing… Not much fun. If you need to complete psychometric testing for a role, I can offer the following tips. 1. Preparation is everything. It has probably been a fair while since you have sat any kind of test. … Continue reading

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