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Present Self – Future Self, and the relationship between the two…

One of the pop psychology books on my shelf highlighted that your current self (ie. your brain today) does not regard your future self as being the same person. Quite literally, the person you are today does not have any … Continue reading

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Boy, animated Gifs get old fast…

We had a company forum today, at which we needed some creative photos taken… Rob, our very talented photographer had us line up to take a shot from behind with our new Chobani jackets. I couldn’t resist pumping out a … Continue reading

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Some stories and thoughts around Fairfax, The Age, and 3AW

There is probably not a person in Australia who is not aware of the rapidly declining fortunes of the Fairfax group. The newspaper business seems to be in an irreversible death spiral… Story One – The Man from The Age  … Continue reading

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What Went Wrong with the Star Wars Prequels?

What Went Wrong with the Star Wars Prequels?. Just in case you are as interested as I am… Plenty of reasons for bosses to listen to a wider group than think they can do it all!

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Investing time – Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert

 Every market research survey I read talks about people feeling “time poor” – doesn’t matter which group it is, the message is the same. We are all feeling busier than ever… Maybe working in marketing has made me a bit … Continue reading

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There is such a thing as a “Marketoonist”?

Humour can be one of the most incisive ways to make a point in a very pointy manner! Tom Fishburne’s Cartoon approach to obvious marketing lessons is usually hilarious, but conversely quite horrifying when you realise just how many marketers … Continue reading

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