131124 Melbourne citywalk

fuji 400h R4A274fujipro400h R4a 35mm011fujipro400h R4a 35mm038fujipro400h R4a 35mm040fujipro400h R4a 35mm042fujipro400h R4a 35mm092
fujipro400h R4a 35mm093fujipro400h R4a 35mm099fujipro400h R4a 35mm982fujipro400h R4a 35mm983Kodak 400tx f100200Kodak 400tx R4A215
kodak 400tx R4A350Kodak 400tx146Kodak 400tx148Kodak 400tx149Kodak 400tx151Kodak 400tx158
Kodak 400tx163kodak portra 400 f100360neopan 1600 F100298neopan 1600 F100301neopan 1600 gr1v340neopan 1600319

131124 Melbourne citywalk, a set on Flickr.

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