131124 large format day and some city walking

2kodat 400tx f100 80mm4512kodat 400tx f100 80mm4652kodat 400tx f100 85mm4372kodat 400tx f100 85mm4862kodat 400tx f100 85mm4892kodat 400tx h1 80mm 2.8439
2kodat 400tx h1 80mm 2.8442kodak 400tx Mam7573kodak 400tx Nikon 35ti533kodak 400tx Nikon 35ti537kodak 400tx Nikon 35ti544kodak 400tx Nikon 35ti550
kodak 400tx Ricoh GR1V516kodak 400tx Ricoh GR1V518kodak 400tx Ricoh GR1V521kodak 400tx Ricoh GR1V522kodak 400tx Ricoh GR1V524kodak 400tx Ricoh GR1V530
kodat 400tx F100 85mm392kodat 400tx F100 85mm399kodat 400tx h1 80mm371
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