Self Developing

Here is the result of my first crack at self developing. Using rodinal and stand developing. The hardest part is loading reels in the change bag – I thought it would be the mad professor chemistry that would do me in…

A lot easier than I imagined. I am going to order an 8 reel tank though – I like to do things in one big batch.

kodat 400tx h1 80mm366

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3 Responses to Self Developing

  1. If there’s a room in your place that’s completely dark, or a cupboard you can climb into, it might be easier than a change bag. More space to put things out and move the reel.

    I used to use my bed – curtains shut, lights off, lay everything under the doona and reach underneath. Again, able to spread out more.

  2. Yash Gehlot says:

    Great work all over !

  3. stan2606 says:

    There is a difference in reels for loading film. I’ve found Hews reels to be the best and east to load. Read my post I think it will be helpful.
    Rodinal is one of my favorite developers, try 1+50 dilution you’ll be happy with the result.

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