Some Movie Reviews… Sci Fi

I am not a massive fan of movies that reflect everyday life. If I go to the movies, I would like a bit of escapism please!

Sitting on the couch last weekend, I managed to catch up a bit on stuff I recorded on the Foxtel IQ box.

Watched Source Code for the second time – had seen it about a year ago, but thought I would give it another try. It held up well. Despite the fact that it could have had a more satisfying ending – it felt a little bit “ending designed by focus group” the concept was interesting, being able to “download” the last 8 minutes of people’s memories post mortem.

I am not much chop at writing reviews, so check out the reviews here :

looperThe second one was Looper. Time travel this time. I enjoyed the movie as another take on time travel, without reverting to too many cliches to entertain. It also avoided the whole “normal story set in fantastic times” premise. I intensely dislike movies that take a  a simple quest storyline and just set it in the future. Yep, all the gadgets and scenes are visually fun, but the if the story could have been set in the current world, and doesn’t rely on some element of the future to drive the story, it is a bust for me. If you are going to set a movie in the future, it needs to have a reason for being set there!

Check the review here :

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1 Response to Some Movie Reviews… Sci Fi

  1. cathyc says:

    Seen both of these. Of the first all I can say is that I learned how to bare my teeth while breathing very heavily. The point is to get your way, and I have to say although I regularly try it on Manny who has seen the movie too, it doesn’t work. He just laughs at me.

    Of the second, may I say – Damian, what are you thinking of? You haven’t seen it twice. You’ve seen it a bunch of billions of times. 🙂

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