Changing Perspective – Wide Angle Photography – Progress Update

Had a beer at opening night for the exhibition I am participating in (“Momentary Collective”) with Simon – the person who put me onto the Ricoh GR1V. You can see his wonderful images here.  He asked me how the wide angle photography was going. I sorta hurrumphed and claimed not to like it too much. “Just doing it as a learning activity” was my response.

One of my most popular photos at the exhibition was “intersection”.



It was shot on my lovely Ricoh GR Digital with the 28mm lens, and converted to glorious black and white in Lightroom. It sold in the first hour of opening night!

Woke up all inspired on Saturday morning after all the arty goodness of Friday Night. Sonia was somewhat less energised after a pleasant evening at the gallery.

For a change of pace, I picked up my Digital SLR and popped on the 135mm F2 Nikon DC lens. I still don’t really understand how to use the whole defocus thingy, but I normally love the focal length. R0001792

To continue my development in wide angle composition, I slipped the Nikon 35ti into my bag as well – the 35mm just feels a little bit more “me” than the 28mm on the Ricoh GR1V.

I decided to take out the megapixel wondermachine as I have been feeling a bit meh about film since the opening night. One of my photo pals develops prints from negatives – and they look super duper cool. Much nicer than my crappy scan and print photos. If only Nikon still made the Coolscan 9000…

Jumped off the train at Flinders Street and came across this young guy tying his laces. Quickly snapped the moment and continued on my way. DSC_3253

For the first time ever, I was queried by a Metro official informing me I could not take pictures on Flinders Street Station without a permit. Of course, I complied with her request, but really? I am at my wits end understanding the rationale. The whole “terrorist” thing is a bit old now – particularly in this day and age of high def video cameras like Go Pros and phone cameras. If someone wants to photograph a landmark they are going to get them regardless. From a privacy perspective, maybe? But a train station is a pretty public place? Anyway, rules is rules…

Next stop was the Degraves Street subway. There were some arty looking kids shooting a project in the subway. Young guys in fur coats without shirts screams artistic. DSC_3260Looked like they were shooting a movie poster for Twilight to me, although I am sure they would be horrified if they knew that was what I was thinking. Actually, they reminded me a bit of that kid Corey Worthington… They certainly had a very professional wardrobe for the shoot!

One I reached Degraves Street, I took a few shots I was happy with. And yes, this story is going somewhere… I kept seeing more wide angle shots than the traditional longer focal length lenses I like. Image after image revealed itself to me as I walked Melbourne’s mean streets… Luckily, I had the Nikon 35ti in my bag. I loaded it up and got back to it. For the first time, I wished I had a nice wide angle lens on my DSLR. It would seem I have been seduced by the possibilities of wide angle. Now to find a suitable lens for the SLRs…

I still got some nice shots on the 135mm, but just wished for that wider angle!

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