Standard Definition Grand Final – How Disappointing, Channel Seven!


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Ok, I am probably known for being a bit fussy on particular issues… When the game came on Channel 7 yesterday, I thought there was something wrong with our Telly. It took me a  minute or two, and some quick web searching to realise that Channel 7 were broadcasting the game in standard definition. In 2013. Standard…. Definition….

I quickly jumped back to my usual channel of choice – Fox Footy, but they do not have rights to the GF. I started to panic as I checked to see if there was an alternate broadcast on 7Mate or something… Nothing was going. The best game of the year was being broadcast in standard definition.

Even on our grouse TV set, the numbers on the back of the jumpers started to smoosh up on the wide shots. Fox shows every game in HD. This was the first game I had watched on Channel 7 all year – hence my surprise.

The AFL need to step in and make sure the 2014 GF is broadcast in HD. For the sake of all the pubs, clubs, and GF BBQs where groups of people are crowded around big screens. HD makes a big difference – enough to really matter.

It is the showpiece game of our indigenous sport. It deserves no less…

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