The Year of the Compact Film Camera!

Hmmm, it would seem I am a regular breaker of one of the ten commandments handed down to Moses on Mt Sinai.

“Thou Shalt Not Covet”

It is tough when friends come along to a photography function with shiny new items. I find that as soon as I pick up a camera or lens that I immediately start liking things about it, and jumping on the iphone and checking the ebay values.

So, on a couple of Melbourne Silver Mine outings lately, I noticed that compact 35mm cameras had become quite avante garde amongst the artistic salons that I frequent. In particular, two caught my eye.

Ricoh GR1v



Nikon 35ti



You can read about them both by clicking on the links which will take you to Japan Camera Hunter – a current favourite distraction for me!

I will have more suitable images for you to ogle and love with the actual reviews of the cameras later…

I managed to pick up one of each surprisingly cheap on ebay and gumtree. I have always been somewhat of a lazy buyer on both, but over the last 4 weeks I was checking both sites daily for these cameras (and a Contax t3 – but they do not seem to come up very often at a decent price). There is always someone who comes up wanting a quick sale and prices their item accordingly.

Both cameras came up at a great price and I committed instantly. I realised then that if you want something at a great price you have to check these websites at least daily. The GR1v was on Gumtree for about an hour… I am starting to wonder how many good deals pass me by because I am distracted by things like work and a home life… Hmmmmm.

As I have mentioned previously, this is a short but glorious moment in time for analogue photography. Both cameras, particularly the Nikon 35ti were “rich guy” point and shoots. Great lens quality, superior metal build, and have been used very little.

I found them absolutely perfect for street photography – nobody much cares if you point an itty bitty compact at them vs a 70-200 lens on a body the size of a brick.

Reviews will be forthcoming once I get some rolls back from Bond Colour later this week and are run laboriously through my scanner whilst watching my second team, the Tigers, flog the silver tail blues this weekend.


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