AFL Video Goal Umpiring – Why the commentators are getting annoying…

Watching a bit of Roos vs Cats tonight. Again, at half time, there was an extended discussion around video umpiring shenanigans. For about the thousandth time, I heard a commentator say “what if they got a big call wrong?”. And then another (usually prehistoric footy player) talking head say “get rid of it”.

I note with some interest that most commentators that want to “get rid of it” are often the same ones who would have spent a lot of time out of the game if they had extensive video coverage “back in the day”…

Did they only start watching AFL footy in 2010? The goal umpires got it wrong in the biggest game of the year in 2009. A mistake that everyone saw at the ground but was missed by one person – the goal umpire.

I have been pretty good about dwelling on my 2009 and 2010 experiences. I have not sooked to anyone after each day. I do not complain about them. I am thankful that I have seen the Saints in Four Grand Finals in my lifetime, despite not having won any of them.

But please stop saying “whatif” around the goal umpiring video rulings. The Tom Hawkins goal changed the game and was one of a couple of factors that directly lead to our defeat. Video umpiring would have picked up this mistake and I might have a tattoo.

Do      not      say      it        has       not      happened       already       in        big       game…

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