Hotel Accommodation Tips from a Sooky La La Traveller

Those who have traveled with me are in the know. I am extremely fussy when it comes to hotels – because I am a grumpy guest. My natural fussiness has honed my room evaluation instincts to the hotel equivalent of a Gordon Ramsay. Here are some things to think about…

At The Front Desk

  1. Don’t be shy. Ask for a good room. A good room can be defined as
    • High floor (away from the street noise)
    • Away from the elevators (they can rattle all night up and down)
  2. Be nice, smile, etc. People do things for people who they like.
  3. Do not, ever, (repeat EVER) let them take both a credit card imprint and a photocopy of your licence. If you let them do this, they now have enough ID to buy a new Porsche (if your credit rating is good enough!) in your name. Just politely refuse, and walk back out the door if you have to. Check the fine print on sites like, etc – to see if the hotel needs a copy of your licence. If they do, just find the rate on wotif, and then book directly with the hotel. They ALWAYS offer the same rate.

Approaching Your Room

  1. Walk like a ninja. Be quiet. What can you hear as you approach your room. What is going to keep you awake all night? Check for
    • Does your room back on to the elevator shaft, an access door, a linen cupboard or anything else? If you  are next to a housekeeping storage room, you can look forward to the HK team rummaging around from 6am onwards. Elevators can get pretty noisy too. Ding, the door opens. Ice machines – noisy.
    • Noisy neighbors
    • If you identify a potential source of noise, don’t even go into the room. Just head back downstairs and ask for another room.
  2. Enter the room and look, but don’t touch. You might identify a “fail” and need to swap rooms. Check these things :
    • Noisy heater / air con. That thing is going to rattle all night.
    • Bed in good nick. Sit on it.
    • Iron is not broken / damaged.
    • Pillows – make sure you like the pillow you have or order the ones you like.

Tips for In Room Blissimage

  1. Bring ear plugs. If there is a noise problem that you cannot resolve, a good set of plugs can at least get you through the night. these are by far the most comfortable and effective. You can get them at most Aussie airport shops.
  2. Switch off your mini bar. I have never come across a quiet one yet.
  3. Use the hotel dry cleaning laundry bag for your dirty clothes to separate them in your bag.
  4. Make sure you have access to enough electrical plugs. If not, order up a 4 way plug.
  5. Check mini bar for Diet Coke. If none, time for a 7/11 run to stock up!

I have a bunch of other tips borne from my travel grumps. Might share over the coming weeks…

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1 Response to Hotel Accommodation Tips from a Sooky La La Traveller

  1. Sonia Knits says:

    Oh the stress of travelling with you! You forgot tip: Make your wife go sit in the car to save her embarrassment, whilst you tell reception how bad your experience was 🙂

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