An Alternative on the Radio

There is a clear hierarchy of radio shows that I like to listen to – primarily when I am driving. Now that I am post 40, I don’t do much top 40 or hot 100…

I like sport during winter. 3AW is my station of choice, particularly before each game, and the 6pm – 8pm show Sports Today. SEN is also pretty good when they focus on footy. As soon as they start talking soccer or cricket, I tune out.

Once the Grand Final has come and gone, there is not much else sports wise that I am interested in. Talk radio becomes a bit meh after a while.

A couple of years ago I got onto RPH – the radio reading network. Essentially, it is for people with vision impairment, where the presenters simply read articles from various local and national newspapers. They focus on high rating papers, so the articles are usually pretty interesting.

It makes the trip from Burnley to Dandenong a bit more enjoyable, particularly when the article selection for the day is interesting.

You can check them out on 1179 AM and here on the net :

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