A quick report card on week one – NAB Cup

Good News...

Good News…

Well, the Saints burned out in the second game of the NAB Cup – to be expected  in 38 degrees playing a fully fresh team.

What did I like?

I find that initial impressions of a player, more often than not, hold true.

1. Tom Hickey can play. He thinks through his execution, and is quite creative when the ball is in play. He looks fantastic in the air as a ruck. All I need to see now is some decent marking action.

2. Arryn Siposs is going to have a break out year – I keep saying it, and nothing will convince me otherwise. The guy is as good a kick I have seen since Brendon Goddard in his earlier days. He has a longer kick too – BJ’s pinpoint execution really declined quickly over the last 24 months. Siposs could be a real weapon at half back in setting up play – he can kick it over the top of players zoning off or putting on pressure across the middle or half back line. Move him occasionally into the forward line to kick a few too. We won’t miss Gram as much if he can fulfill this role on half back.

3. Trent Dennis-Lane can clearly kick goals. He looked confident and able. Persist with this guy for ten weeks.

4. Beau Maister could prove me wrong. If he can maintain his confidence and be the third tall marker in the forward line, he could really trouble some defences. He frustrated me so much last year – I believed him to be beyond hope half way through the year, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. He will never be a key forward, but is perfect for that third or fourth marking option role. I believe it is all confidence…


Tom Lee – pick 12 (we got some picks back in the trade though) seems like a pretty high price to pay. He just didn’t strike me as having the confidence to be out there. Lee seemed a bit overawed by it all – first impressions… Anyway, a couple more games will sort this out.

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