130125 Straya Day MSM meet

H1 150mm MSM fuji400h569H1 150mm MSM fuji400h576H1 150mm MSM fuji400h581H1 150mm MSM fuji400h582H1 150mm MSM fuji400h583H1 150mm MSM fuji400h586
H1 150mm MSM fuji400h596H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h639H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h642H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h647H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h649H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h661
H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h662H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h665H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h755H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h759H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h760H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h767
H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h803H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h805H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h806H1 150mm MSM fujipro400h808H1 150mm MSM kodak400tx601H1 150mm MSM kodak400tx602

130125 Straya Day MSM meet, a set on Flickr.

Got together with the Melbourne Silver Mine peeps on Australia Day at the Abbotsford Convent for some fun!

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