130123 city and richmond

H1 150mm city Kodak400tx510H1 150mm city Kodak400tx522H1 150mm city Kodak400tx531H1 150mm city Kodak400tx533H1 150mm city Kodak400tx537H1 150mm city Kodak400tx538
H1 150mm city Kodak400tx539H1 150mm city Kodak400tx547H1 150mm city Kodak400tx554H1 150mm city Kodak400tx555H1 150mm city Kodak400tx556H1 150mm city Kodak400tx558
H1 150mm city Kodak400tx562H1 150mm city Kodak400tx566

130123 city and richmond, a set on Flickr.

I find it hard now to go through Richmond Station without taking a shot of the platform exit – it is just so awesome to photograph… Otherwise enjoy the new shots from Melbourne and Richmond.

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