130106 Xmas 2012

h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk121h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk124h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk132h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk136h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk137h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk139
h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk145h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk148h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk151h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk152h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk158h1 fuji 400hxmas235
h1 fuji 400hxmas248h1 fuji 400hxmas255h1 fuji 400hxmas260h1 fuji 400hxmas261h1 fuji 400hxmas268h1 fuji 400hxmas269
h1 fuji 400hxmas270h1 fuji 400hxmas278h1 fuji pro400h xmas418h1 fuji400h xmas438h1 fuji400h xmas443h1 fuji400h xmas446

130106 Xmas 2012, a set on Flickr.

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