130106 Riverwalk

h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk100h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk104h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk107h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk109h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk112h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk113
h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk115h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk116h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk120h1 80mm e100vs riverwalk168h1 80mm tri-x400 burnley183h1 80mm tri-x400 burnley193
h1 80mm tri-x400 burnley197h1 e100vs beach354h1 e100vs city364h1 e100vs city365h1 e100vs city367h1 e100vs river280
h1 e100vs river292h1 e100vs river293h1 e100vs river295h1 e100vs river457h1 e100vs riverwalk211h1 e100vs riverwalk212

130106 Riverwalk, a set on Flickr.

Followed a Melbourne City Council walking tour recco… Was OK, but I found some more interesting stuff than was listed in the guide!

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