Review – Weber Q BBQ

Our old BBQ recently gave up the ghost after almost ten years of service. It was pretty good – particularly for spit roasts.

After suffering from a meat deficiency for some months, I finally got up off the couch and did some internet research. Actually, I stayed on the couch, and asked Sonia to pass over my laptop.

Heard a BBQ specialist on old man 3AW a couple of times, Bob Hart, talk about Weber grills, so I checked them out. A web search quickly indicated people were raving about them.

So, went down to a local hardware store and picked up a Weber Q. The guy there was awesome – awesomely good at upselling me… Came home with the big one, a cleaning brush, breakfast hot plate, roasting rack, and a cover.

Weber "Special" Q Family

Weber “Special” Q Family

It was not without some trepidation that I drove home with a bunch of boxes with “easy to assemble” printed all over them.

Sonia sat out with me in the courtyard whilst I unpacked all the parts, with plenty of Valium on call. For her, as much as me – as a lot of my home handyman efforts tend to end like this :

Took two goes to get the legs orientated correctly, but was otherwise fairly easy. And if I rate it as “fairly easy” you know that a one armed, blind monkey could probably get it mostly right…

Got cooking straight away. Most stuff on the Weber Q is cooked with the hood down. You get the whole unit very, very hot first – about 12 minutes on full tilt. You just chuck your meat on the hot plate, close the lid, give it 3 minutes, flip them over, another three minutes with the lid closed, and your steaks are cooked perfect medium.

The grill has an ingenious alignment with the flame thingy. The grill is solid over the flames, preventing the meat from cooking unevenly, but keeping the whole thing hot. It is very difficult to go wrong unless you don’t read the instructions! Keep the lid down, don’t over cook, and only turn once.

A thick eye fillet needs four minutes – and is as good as you can get in a top restaurant.

Dinner is Served

Dinner is Served

So, there is plenty of upside to the Weber Q. They even have a little baby one you can take on picnics.

The ignition works every time, the unit is not that heavy, and the side tables fold down to make it easy to move around, if necessary.

Heavy marinades are not so good as they become a bit of a sticky mess on the grill and tend to burn due to the high heat. Great meat shouldn’t need a whole lot of marinade though.

I recommend  Gourmet Meats on Bridge – Ben the Butcher has some fantastic cuts of Hopkins River Beef. The Scotch Fillet has some delicious “marbelling” (read – fatty goodness) that cooks up beautifully, along with the Eye Fillets.

If you are in town, you can’t go past David Jones meat. The Porterhouse cuts are literally inches thick! Add a bit of Maille Bernaise, and you are completely ready for a food coma.

I am still working on getting roasts right in the Weber. Haven’t quite got their yet. I am also keen to try some fresh seafood – prawns and perhaps some King Island Crayfish if I am feeling adventurous.

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