121201 Momentary Collective

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mcollect xpan tx400bw925mcollect xpan tx400bw921mcollect xpan fujpro400h914mcollect xpan fujpro400h913mcollect xpan fujpro400h910mcollect xpan fujpro400h909
smithst fuji400h F3 85mm855smithst fuji400h F3 85mm849smithst fuji400h F3 85mm846smithst fuji400h F3 85mm831smithst fuji400h F3 85mm823smithst fuji400h F3 85mm820
smithst fuji400h F3 85mm815

121201 Momentary Collective, a set on Flickr.

All the highlights from our recent exhibition at Hogan Gallery. Thanks to everyone who came along! We had a great time.

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