Momentary Collective Photographic Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who dropped in to see our photographic exhibition. And extra special thanks to the three people who parted with their cold, hard cash to purchase an original from a local artist – me! I was very excited to make the first sale of the show… I checked in with the gallery owner, Bryan Hogan, at the end of the night on who bought my images. I was delighted to find only one was purchased by an immediate family member / close mate / direct report.

My Mum, Carol, is always good for a sale!

It is interesting to look at what has sold quickly… Christian Were (Memetic on Flickr) has a theory – faces do not sell. Images that people want to put up in their homes usually do not have recognisable faces in them. So, shoot things, not people. If you shoot people, go for silhouettes,  shadows, ruckenfigur, and long shots.

It makes sense – people like to project themselves into the situation. If there is a recognisable or featured face, it is harder to do so.

The first one to go was “Boat”

“Boat” (yes, I am super creative with my titles…)

Nice and relaxing, no?

Next was “Peril”

Nice geometric design – just a pretty shape. Check

The last one (which Carol snuck off and purchased when I wasn’t looking) was Pier :

Again, a relaxing nautical theme. You can almost imagine walking along the pier at 5.30am (like I did to take the shot!)…

I can highly recommend Hogan Gallery for any artistic exhibition needs you may have! The gallery comes at a flat rate, and the place is licensed, which makes opening night a breeze! Bryan Hogan is very generous host.

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