Chingon – Unpronounceably Delicious

Located in the Heart of Burnley!

To warm up the crowd at an auction yesterday in our street, the auctioneer pumped up “Chingon” – but admitted nobody at Hocking Stuart had any idea on how to pronounce it. I agree with them…

Chingon is a new mexican place just around the corner. It is still waiting on a liquor licence, but the Rising Sun bottle-o is a two minute walk away.

Restaurants that have a limited menu are either fantastic or terrible… Cutler and Co springs to mind as an example of how great a limited menu can be. Chingon has six variaties of soft shelled tortilla tacos and three dips with corn chips. Nothing else. Apart from drinks…

The tacos are fantastic – juicy & delicious meat or seafood, wrapped in a nice warm taco. The fire roasted salsa was so good, we ordered a second serve – it was moorish…

Wonder what kind of mexican food they have in Boronia?

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2 Responses to Chingon – Unpronounceably Delicious

  1. Sonia Knits says:

    Huh? Boronia? I would have like Tacos again tonight… oh well

  2. Naomi says:

    Yeh…I like it there too…did you see the caravan out the back where the food is cooked? (…and make sure you check Urban Dictionary to find out what Chingon means in Mexican!). 🙂

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