162kms to Fantastic French – Bouchon Bendigo

Bouchon is a great find in Bendigo…Worth driving every one of the 162kms! But let me tell you a little story first that made the discovery all the sweeter! We went out for Dinner Thursday night on our Bendigo sojourn and were a little disappointed. The Age Good Food Guide let us down a bit – the restaurant did not live up to expectations. On Saturday night we had selected Bouchon – with significantly lowered expectations… It was a completely delicious experience that I am trying to find another reason to visit Bendigo again sometime soon!

Bouchon at Night


The Escargot were perfect – just a bunch of garlic butter with delicate little morsels of poor little snails! I loved it so much, Sonia finally tried one. She still couldn’t get past the fact that they are snails, but at least she can say she has had one now.

I selected the Char Grilled Wagyu Porterhouse. The one I had on Thursday at the other place was a bit on the overcooked side, and didn’t have the marbling (read – delicious fat!) I would normally expect to be closing up my arteries. Bouchon’s was as good as I have had. A nice crispy skin to the meat, with meat ready to simply melt underneath. Cooked perfectly medium, I was seriously wishing I could fit in a second steak!

Finishing off with a well thought out cheese plate was a great choice too!

My only bit of feedback would be that the seating was pretty tight – I often think restaurants could take just a table out to give everyone a bit of stretch room…

The bonus round was getting a great wine recommendation – a local wine 2003 Pondalowie ‘Special Release’ Shiraz. Nice and light red. Not sure if they have any left there now… Read about it here http://pondalowie.com.au/reviews/2003-special-release-shiraz/

I love it when restaurants focus on a limited range of dishes, but then make sure they make them exceptional. Bouchon was a great choice that made up for the disappoinment of Thursday night’s meal. The only let down was not having a grumpy French waiter… http://www.bouchonbendigo.com.au/

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2 Responses to 162kms to Fantastic French – Bouchon Bendigo

  1. Virginia says:

    Hi there,

    I’m so pleased you loved Bouchon. It’s one of my faves in our lovely Bendigo. I was a bit perplexed by you opening comments though. I assume this was intended to create the element of surprise for the reader when they later discover you loved the restaurant. I really think many ‘surfers’ will read the first part and think you hated it and may not read it all (as surfers commonly do). What a shame for Bouchon to miss potential customers. Even the quick ‘snatch’ for your Bouchon post on google has a negative line.

    Just a thought.

    Virginia 🙂

    Ps I’m heading to Bouchon tonight actually for dinner before a movie with my friends! Love it!

    • Damian Young says:

      Agree. Thanks for the heads up. Whilst I don’t really write for search engines, the google snippet misrepresented my wonderful experience there! Have made the change. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

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