VFL Footy at Bendigo, and the Downton Abbey points system.

Being husband of the year again for the 9th year running, I took my lovely wife Sonia to the Bendigo sheep and wool show again this year. We headed out Thursday morning and arrived at Bishopscourt B&B.

Downtown Abbey anyone?

Whilst I have a preference for hotels over B&Bs, (people who like to chat inevitably purchase B&Bs to have a never ending stream of potential conversation partners), Bishopscourt was lived up to expectations. Check them out here http://www.bishopscourt.com.au/index.html

As it was a “Sonia” initiated trip, she applied her usual “Downton Abbey” points system for selecting the accommodation.

  1. Four poster bed
  2. Ye Olden Thymes styling
  3. Claw foot bath
  4. Comfortable chairs to sit in

4 out of 4 for Bishopscourt.

After having exhausted her yarn and fibre budget, her “emergency” yarn and fibre budget, and her “apocalypse” yarn and fibre budget, Sonia decided to spend Saturday afternoon enjoying the room. Living the “lady of the manor” dream, spinning and knitting, she gave the room a workout!

Raph and his tatts…

The excitement was a little too much for me. I headed off to see Sandringham take on the Bendigo Gold in the VFL. A couple of nice cold beers and some local footy was a great way to spend the afternoon. One of life’s great mysteries unravelled for me that afternoon. Raph Clarke can play great footy. At VFL level.

Raph has got to be one of the most frustrating players ever to don a Saint jumper. He show glimpses of being a good player enough to keep his spot, but never enough to cement it. As soon as the games slows down a bit – as it does at VFL level – Raph’s decision making and impact on the game improves out of sight! He really played well in the VFL team. Unlike at AFL level, his decisions were spot on, his disposals clean and accurate, and he did not get caught once with the ball. I now understand why the Saints have persisted so long with him. If only he could bring that game to AFL…

One of the crowd at the game!

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1 Response to VFL Footy at Bendigo, and the Downton Abbey points system.

  1. Sonia Knits says:

    Gosh I didn’t realise I had so many levels of budgets! At least I didn’t use the ‘Sunday morning last chance budget’… despite your persistence.

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