Old Man Damo

Me, settling in for the afternoon to watch the Footy…

Yep, getting old. Some things that I don’t like now I am a pensioner, that happen in our street…

  1. People leaving bins out for days after the rubbish collection.
  2. Not keen on wood burning heating – the street smells of it
  3. Parking without a care in the world – and using up two spaces doing it
  4. Noisy young people parties
  5. Gifts from local dogs on the nature strip

And to be fair, this is what the street finds annoying about me!

  1. The state of our garden can be “variable”
  2. St Kilda Flag and general decorations out the front occasionally in September
  3. Being too busy to use our carport and parking on the street
  4. Yelling at Foxtel Footy

Other than that, I am a great bloke to have as a neighbour!

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