the beauty of teh meh…

“Meh” feels like a word born from the nihilistic gen xers who found it hard to get excited by much in the 90’s. There is much to like about the word, so I am co-opting and attributing it to gen x… of which I am a founding member.

The word sounds right as you say it. Meh. Non-committal, ambivalent, unexcited, and indifferent. An office favourite now in Dandenong South…

Meh got a great kick along from The Simpsons in 2001 – from urban dictionary :

“Used in the greatest tv show of all time The Simpsons. In the episode Hungry, Hungry Homer, Bart and Lisa respond to a homer inquiry with “meh”. Mystery solved.
Homer: Kids, how would you like to go… to Blockoland!
Bart & Lisa: Meh.
Homer: But the TV. gave the impression that–
Bart: We said “meh”.
Lisa: M-E-H. Meh.”

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