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Some stories and thoughts around Fairfax, The Age, and 3AW

There is probably not a person in Australia who is not aware of the rapidly declining fortunes of the Fairfax group. The newspaper business seems to be in an irreversible death spiral… Story One – The Man from The Age  … Continue reading

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The Genius of Cropping an Image

Getting composition right when under pressure to “take the shot” can be challenging for a lot of photographers, both experienced and not so experienced. Making sure the focus point is where it needs to be, for example, can lead to … Continue reading

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Writing things down

If nobody writes it down, then it never really happened… Recall of details is not one of my strengths – being aware of your “development” areas is more important than being good at everything! Keeping good notes from meetings was … Continue reading

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Old Man Damo

Yep, getting old. Some things that I don’t like now I am a pensioner, that happen in our street… People leaving bins out for days after the rubbish collection. Not keen on wood burning heating – the street smells of it … Continue reading

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What Went Wrong with the Star Wars Prequels?

What Went Wrong with the Star Wars Prequels?. Just in case you are as interested as I am… Plenty of reasons for bosses to listen to a wider group than think they can do it all!

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Investing time – Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert

 Every market research survey I read talks about people feeling “time poor” – doesn’t matter which group it is, the message is the same. We are all feeling busier than ever… Maybe working in marketing has made me a bit … Continue reading

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the beauty of teh meh… “Meh” feels like a word born from the nihilistic gen xers who found it hard to get excited by much in the 90’s. There is much to like about the word, so I am co-opting and attributing it to … Continue reading

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