Noir Restaurant Richmond

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all – a saying I am appreciating more and more in this age of social media – luckily does not apply to Noir Restaurant in Richmond!

Sonia and I thought we would duck out for dinner prior to heading off to Sophie’s 30th Birthday Party.

The decor screams mood lighting. Well, I suppose “scream” is not the right word – maybe “whispers”? It is quite subtle and perfect for more intimate dinners. It is quite well hidden on Swan St. The tables are nicely distanced – I do not like being crammed in like sardines in any restaurant, from McDonalds to Jacques Reymond. Do you really need those extra two or three tables shoe horned in, which means everyone is rubbing elbows and listening to five other conversations at once?

Food was great. The test for any restaurant is simple. Can you cook an eye fillet medium? My main eye fillet came with braised shin, and boulangere potatoes. The eye fillet was perfectly cooked – and almost dissolved in my mouth. It was not chewy in the slightest, nor undercooked at all. I almost ordered a second, I was that pleased!

The raspberry macadamia souffle was a great dessert – although I must admit I prefer my souffles to be of the chocolate persuasion. It had a wonderfully delicate texture with that nice crust on top. The sweet tartness of the raspberry was offset by the white chocolate ice cream – of which I had an extra scoop, of course.

It was Dreamtime at the G, and plenty of people came up to the window to have a look at the menu. Not many came in though – maybe they were looking for something a little cheaper? Main courses were all one price – $38, which was very good value.

Service was just the way I like it – attentive without being intrusive. Glasses were constantly filled, and we were regularly checked on. Food actually came out a bit quicker than I would have expected.

My only two minor issues were
1. The front door was set back from the street, but still opened up the restaurant to the frigid Saturday night air. It really needs a second door to provide an “airlock” and keep the cold air out. The two tables close to the door were clearly suffering from this. If you go, pick a table on the door hinge side of the restaurant.
2. Revelling in my new found status as an authentic cheese snob, I found the cheese on our platter to be served a bit too cold. It needed another 30 minutes or so at room temperature. The cheese was excellent otherwise though.

I am happy to report my “date” was a delight to buy dinner for.

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