Easy All Day Breakfast – And Simple Restaurant Sauces

I have been well recognised as being a zen master of scrambled eggs brekky. Once every week or so, I get the apron on and deliver my wife delicious all day breakfast.

Scrambled eggs have been getting a bit boring though, even with some baked beans and bacon…

So, a fair while ago I had a dream to cook eggs benedict – my favourite cafe breakfast. Problem is, Hollandaise sauce is virtually impossible to make for a cooking gumby like me. Problem two – I have never successfully poached eggs either! Here is how I overcame the odds in a classic underdog story.

1. Perfectly Poached Eggs
I picked up these things at the Tassal Store in Kew on impulse.

Basically, they are silicon cups that you put your egg into, then place them in simmering water to cook. They cook perfectly and are simple to spoon out at the end of the cooking process. Being silicon, you can just pick them up out of the hot water.

They end up shaped as a very smooth dome – which had them slipping and sliding over the ham base for the Benedict. I could have used a food stapler to get everything to hold together better!

You can find them at the link here. 

2. Hollandaise Sauce
Most cooking resources are pretty clear about Hollandaise… “Unless you are a great cook, forget it. But if you must (sigh) here is the recipe.” I have been searching for a pre-prepared premium sauce for some time.  A couple of weeks ago, I bought some Maille Bernaise Sauce for a prime rib roast – I am too lazy and messy to make sauces from scratch. I was very happy with the Bernaise. So, I spotted a Maille Hollandaise at Thomas Dux today – perfecto! Was delicious. Just don’t look too closely at the nutritional panels on either product…

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