Another tip for that shiny new DSLR

If outdoors, give the flash a try! It’s called “fill flash” and lightens up the shadows. If you camera is in full auto, aperture priority, or shutter priority, the camera will make all the adjustments for you to get it right – simple, hey?

Funnily enough, the best time to use it is on a sunny day! This is when your camera is going to struggle the most with the wide range of light in the photo – from dark shadows to bright highlights… A “fill flash” evens out the light nicely and will save your photo from dark spots – which inevitably end up where you don’t want them!

Sonia and her sisters... I was under a fair bit of pressure to make this one work!

The photo above demonstrates how fill flash works – it was a very sunny day, and I had a feeling the camera was going to struggle with the wide range of light in the shot. Without it, the girls’ faces would have been dark, and the highlights in their hair very, very bright. You simply wouldn’t have been able to see the expression on their faces very well.

Oh, and everyone looks great in a photo that has been converted to black and white… BW always seems to be flattering…

Cameras like as even light as possible in a photo – not extreme light and dark… Unless that is what you are after!

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