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Noir Restaurant Richmond

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all – a saying I am appreciating more and more in this age of social media – luckily does not apply to Noir Restaurant in Richmond! Sonia and I thought … Continue reading

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Easy All Day Breakfast – And Simple Restaurant Sauces

I have been well recognised as being a zen master of scrambled eggs brekky. Once every week or so, I get the apron on and deliver my wife delicious all day breakfast. Scrambled eggs have been getting a bit boring … Continue reading

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A few final tips – Overcoming your fear of the Psychometric Boogeyman…

Psychometric testing… Not much fun. If you need to complete psychometric testing for a role, I can offer the following tips. 1. Preparation is everything. It has probably been a fair while since you have sat any kind of test. … Continue reading

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Another tip for that shiny new DSLR

If outdoors, give the flash a try! It’s called “fill flash” and lightens up the shadows. If you camera is in full auto, aperture priority, or shutter priority, the camera will make all the adjustments for you to get it … Continue reading

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