A Quick Tip

If you are taking a photo of someone you like – you probably want to make them look good – as opposed to photographing your personal arch nemesis…

One quick thing that can work really quickly is to simply take the photo from a higher angle than your subject. About a foot feels about right – still looks natural but will achieve a flattering effect on your subject.

I stand on our coffee table at home and click away!

Three more good tips?
1. Look up your camera manual and learn how to use the Aperture Priority function. Set the aperture to the lowest number. There is no try, only do. You don’t need to understand it. Trust me.
2.  Find a plain background. Look in your viewfinder and critically look at the background. Take the photo – check it in the viewfinder.
3. Flash can be great – but looks best when the light bounces off a wall instead of hitting someone’s face directly. Try getting a piece of shiny paper and putting it over your camera’s flash in a way that redirects the light sideways or upwards. See what happens..

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