HBR Today – An App I Love

Need something that is just right for a 20 minute train ride to work? Nice light slices of information orgnaised in topics that you can browse through casually?

The HBR Today app is a varied and interesting series of blog posts by HBR regulars. Subjects covered range through the whole office – from HR to Leadership to Sales to Marketing to Supply Chain etc. No one is left out. My interest always tends to default to leadership and marketing articles. The HBR Today posts are a great way to just dip your toe in the water on topics that might be a little removed from your day to day expertise.

The posts are always short and punchy – and they stick to a level of depth on a topic that keeps it interesting and relevant to everyone. Kind of like a person who knows the most important bits about a lot of things rather than the narrow topic expert who you tend to avoid at the cafe near the office!

In particular, some of the articles which bullet point out 4 or so key “watchouts” or “actions” are great to share with team mates where relevant.

$2.99 at the app store isn’t much of a risk…


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