There is such a thing as a “Marketoonist”?

Humour can be one of the most incisive ways to make a point in a very pointy manner! Tom Fishburne’s Cartoon approach to obvious marketing lessons is usually hilarious, but conversely quite horrifying when you realise just how many marketers ignore reality and continue to invest time, money, and resources into strategies that leave the emperor naked…

I have often shared Tom’s work via Twitter and Facebook, but thought it was time to feature his work.

Most marketing strategy can be completed by applying a one sentence tool – “will anybody care or be interested in what you have to say?” If the answer is “probably not” then you possibly need to have a bit of a rethink… There is a reason why most brands have to buy advertising space to talk “at” consumers – they are not interesting enough to have a conversation without it…

I suppose I can be accused of being a one-trick pony on this issue – I have purchased another copy of the book “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This” for a colleague who is going to assist with our social media.

The book is a timeless guide to communication in general – if something just isn’t that interesting, no-one is going to pay attention. Understanding what your audience are interested in is the key to success in life in general. If you cannot talk in terms of the other person’s interests, you will never win them to your way of thinking (hmm, I think that is a Dale Carnegie hybrid quote too!).

Hopefully it will provide my colleague with some guidance on how best to write for our facebook page and website.

Someone asked me recently what my main advice would be to a new marketer. Related to the “interesting” bit is the “care factor” – will what you do even be noticed by the consumer? I have seen marketers tweak packaging or a comms execution for weeks on end in ways that any average shopper would never notice. Make the logo 5% bigger, smaller, move it 3mm, add a highlight to the food shot… the list goes on. When you see your great work in it’s natural environment in store or on TV you get a quick dose of reality… Most changes are not noticed by people… unless they are have a negative impact!

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