The Hunger Games – Teen Angst Returns – Small Spoiler Alert

Sonia has been nagging me to take her to the movies for a while, so as soon as this latest teen movie sensation arrived, I bought some tickets. In Gold Class, as usual, to avoid the talking, phone texting, and drink slurping movie regulars.

I figured The Hunger Games would have enough Sci Fi action to keep me happy. Just enough… So what about the movie?

Not sure the outlandish characterisation of the Panem upper class was that interesting. I much prefer it when the “baddies” are much less black and white. They seemed like they were from a cartoon. What drives people to such behaviour? Why did the Romans enjoy their games? If they were as shallow as it appeared, I would have like to understood the why. Same with the “baddies” in the game – are they really that bad for trying to win what is, essentially, an amoral competition. How did the alliances form in an environment where everyone knows there can only be one survivor? How sticky are the alliances?

On the other hand, Katniss, the main character never seems to do anything that would question her morality. She only kills one person in a justified, instantaneous response to an attack, where her friend is killed. Keeping her actions “righteous” is just not that interesting. I would have liked to have seen more about Peeta’s crossing from one side to the other and his internal struggles with life and death decisions. We all kind of liked it when Han Solo shot Greedo, didn’t we? It made him so much more interesting!

So, whilst I have pointed out where the film makers have lost the opportunity to stretch the audience and make a great film, instead of a good one, I can still recommend it for a rainy afternoon. It was a bit of escapism, and excitement. And it wasn’t Twilight…

It reminded me a fair bit of the Stephen King / Bachman stories “The Long Walk” and”The Running Man” – please do not think that the cheesefest Arnie film is anything like the novel! I love this genre almost as much as zombies…

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2 Responses to The Hunger Games – Teen Angst Returns – Small Spoiler Alert

  1. Now I just want to read The Long Walk again.

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