The Start of a Long Season?

What did I learn, sitting on the couch this afternoon?

  1. I don’t like watching footy late Sunday afternoon – it is such a “nothing” time. As an older supporter, I yearn for the ye olden thymes of yore. Saturday afternoon footy is still the best.
  2. The commentators are probably right. We have 6 or so “A” graders and not much else. There is not a lot of young talent coming up. Without a clever game plan – the one Ross Lyon surprised the comp with in 2009 is a good example – there is not going to be a lot of joy this year.
  3. Nick Riewoldt had a shocker. I wondered last year how much of it was him and how much was other teams focusing on him. This year I am wondering how bad that chronic knee injury really is? Nick relies heavily on running to win the ball…
  4. Not sure Dean Polo is going to get many games this year…
  5. Sam Gilbert still needs to practice his kicking – he kicks like Scotty West.
  6. The Saints are going to be lost when Milney retires. When he gets up and going, the team looks much better. He is definitely one of the best players I have seen. 490 goals as a small forward is an incredible achievement.
  7. Rhys Stanley keeps threatening to become a good player, but never seems to break through. I thought in the first half he looked half a chance to get going, but again, he went quiet. One decent game will make a big difference. I hope he does it before he gets dropped again.
  8. Fox Footy has no ad breaks – makes timing for snacks and drinks a bit harder to plan for!

I have the feeling it could be a longish winter for the Saints… Current thought is a finish somewhere between 7 – 11th…

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