An Analysis of the Kübler-Ross Model and it’s Applicability to the Richmond FC

“Though I keep searching for an answer
I never seem to find what I’m looking for
Oh Lord, I pray you give me strength to carry on
‘Cause I know what it means
To walk along the lonely street of dreams”

"Geez, I forgot to turn off the iron before I left for the game!"

Could the Tigers lose Thursday night? Everyone is jumping on the Tigers bandwagon again as the new glamour side… Even the president, Gary March, has said “no more excuses” – Doesn’t he know that presidents are only supposed to talk in generalities and platitudes. The talk is just urging Richmond supporters along their own Five Stages Model.


“Vickerey is no Tambling – he is another Richo for sure.”

“Jake King? What’s not to like??!!! ”

Anger – “Bloody GWS will probably pick up Deledio half way through the year*. Gotta order another load of chicken poop for the AFL!!”

Bargaining – “Maybe Dusty will rip it apart if I donate to that Salvo outside the ‘G”

“Please God, let me wake up a Collingwood supporter and wipe Richmond from my memory.”

Depression – “We will choke, as usual, again, and again – Blues are a sure thing. Is the soccer still on?”

Acceptance – “A plastic cup of mid strength beer for $8.50 will make me feel better”

One for the Ladies - the greatest AFL mullet of all time. If I recall, Fraser's mighty 'do defeated Carlton by 91 points the day this pic was taken in 2003.

My tip – Caaarrrlton will give the Tigers a touch up. Whilst no loss is “a good loss” I don’t think the Tigers are brittle this year. I just think they will not be able to help themselves on the big stage Thursday Night. It will douse the flames of excitement and give everyone realistic expectations. Promise Less – Deliver More as my sales coach “the Ice Queen” would recommend. She is also a blues supporter though.

Blues supporters have a sense of misguided entitlement. Gee, I hope I am wrong Thursday night!

*as a small “t” tigers fan, I am glad Deledio signed his deal this week, locking him in to the tiges.

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