Go Go Gadget

Speaker phone for the desk OR the car!

Bought one of these from the Apple Store a few weeks ago. I had to improve my car phone etiquette somewhat… Not having a hands free kit in the car was becoming a hassle seeing as I now spend 25 minutes each morning and evening in the car commuting.

This gadget is fantastic. It clips on the sunvisor of your car. It links in to your phone after a 20 second setup via Bluetooth. I just love it. Every time I get in the car I hear a reassurring (but slightly annoying female voice) “you are connected”.

The speaker is very audible, and feedback from people on the other end is that the voice quality is crystal clear. To answer a call you just press the speaker itself.

I had it in the car to start with, but have started to take it into the office with me to use as a speaker phone. I prefer using my mobile to the landline, so it is perfect for annoying others in the office with my witty and charming conversations on speakerphone…

Battery life is awesome – the manual says about 20 hours standby or something…. I charge is on the USB every few days, and have never gotten close to going flat.

I have just ordered a second one to keep on my desk…

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