Busted Mamiya Part II

Well, it is up to Shutterbox to get my Mamiya back on the streets of Melbourne. Whilst it was a very positive assessment, there was the “oh crap” moment when John said “I won’t really know until I open it up – could be all kinds of stuff damaged…”

Kudos to Mamiya for making the top housing plastic. Another quote from John : “if it had a metal case, I could just knock out the dent in about 5 minutes…”

I bet the Beanies at Mamiya saved $5 a unit moving to a plastic housing – on a $2500 RRP camera. Sounds like a good strategy, right? Thankfully they still have spares available – at $200 a pop for thirty cents of plastic…

I love that camera, despite the holga feel of the body.

The only thing missing from this photo of Shutterbox is Cos ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/lonelyradio/ ) - he was there "investing" in his love for film this morning as well...

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