AFL Predictions for 2012

Got the prediction right on Fevalenko a couple of years ago – although I think footy would be more exciting with him playing. Imagine him and Josh Kennedy playing for Carlton this year. Probably a flag prospect, assuming in this scenario they wouldn’t have Juddy – they have enough top flight midfielders. Time to trade one of them for a key forward…

Will my footy pain never end?....

Predictions – in no particular order

1. On the subject of Carlton, they are a good chance if Kruezer can hold down a key forward role, and kick 45 goals. If not, they are NOT going to win a flag.

2. Chris Judd will continue to work extremely hard as Visy’s Environmental Ambassador to justify the salary he earns there… to the AFL.

3. West Coast will make the Grand Final. Naitanui is a freak who will make the difference to the team. Combine him with Cox changing in the forward line… and the other 8 or so guns they have.

My fave player outside the Saints.

4. Dustin Martin will run close to a Brownlow – and give hope to all Richmond supporters who have been in the wilderness since 2001. The Tigers are my second team. It makes sense if St Kilda goes under one day that I barrack for a team similar in heartbreak terms… I wouldn’t know what to do with all the GF Cup souvenirs if I followed the Pies, Blues, or Bombers.

5. Nick Riewoldt will have another average year – I haven’t seen anything to suggest otherwise. He has given everything over the journey, not much left in the tank…

6. Collingwood will finish 3 – 5th. Like all teams, their game plan has now been studied, torn apart, and will be countered. They have some great players, but guys like Cloke and Dawes are not going to be good enough this year. Cloke is over-rated. And a little bit whiny for my liking…

7. Port Adelaide will finish lower than one of either GWS or the Suns.

8. I have deemed Tom Hawkins to be a dud in the past, but watching him at the 2011 GF (thanks to my friends at 3AW!) suggests he might finally have the right bustling confidence to make it… If only he could kick. The hand ball to Steve Johnson still makes me laugh out loud.

9. As previously stated, Jack Watts is not going to make it. He certainly doesn’t display a natural aggression towards the ball. I have watched him skirt around the action like a top notch 12 year old who suddenly finds himself playing with 15 year olds… seemingly worried about getting a knock or his ability to get the ball. The best thing that could happen to him would be to get a big hit, have to get up, then realise that it is not so bad after all…

10. People will continue to complain about the cost of chips, beer, entry, scarves, guernseys, socks, drinks, ice cream, and so the list goes on.

11. My footy jumper will have shrunk in the wardrobe over summer.

12. Carlton supporters will continue to live in a delusional world where they think they will win a flag this year..

13. Nearly forgot – not sure Tom Scully is going to live up to his salary and draft concessions…

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