A new project – black and white and paper cuts

I have been on a bit of a sabbatical regarding the camera over Xmas. A short break was a good thing.

There was a new idea come to my mind whilst flicking through Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Packaging design and paper construction concepts have always been an interest of mine – ever since I worked for a few years in the paper / printing game.

Available from Amazon.com

I came across this pretty cool book – not quite packaging design, more like industrial origami. It is written by a guy who sounds like he loved his origami as a kid, but wanted to make it more industrial and manly!

The book comes complete with a CD of all the folding templates – only one complaint though.

I was very excited when it arrived. I read the first few pages, and decided to try a couple of folds. All of a sudden I realised that I couldn’t understand which were valley folds and which were mountain folds.

Red lines, Green lines… I am red green colour blind – like roughly 7% of males (just look for the guys that can’t get their tie, suit, and shirt to match) who find it very difficult to distinguish between red and green…

The book is near useless without Sonia marking up for me which folds are which.

I am surprised that a book publisher is not aware of such common issues around colour. Why not red and blue – virtually no-one would have a problem with those…

Inside the book

What makes it most disappointing was that I am planning to plan doing a triptych – in black and white, of course, due to my colour issues. To then have this problem around the lines crop up was very disappointing…

Anyway, ’nuff of my needy whine-fest. Once Sonia has pencilled in which way the folds go, the results are awesomeness. Here is a sample from inside the book. Each type of fold has both instructions, finished image, and a printable template.

My test shots came out pretty well. Taken with d700 + 105mm Nikon Macro VR lens

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