Call me Ahmad – Disaster on the Corner of Burnley and Swan Street

Ahmad at his computer...

One of my Flickr pals, Ahmad, is a known for being a “dropper”. He is a pretty good photographer, despite his “lobster hands”- you can see his photos here.

I bought a lens from him once – a nice 35mm F2 Voigtlander, complete with a scar from being dropped in the first 5 minutes that he owned it!

I was having a rush of camera blood today. With a successful city trip with the Hasselblad 500cm, I thought nothing of stretching my luck by accompanying Sonia for a walk to her knitting night. This time, I had my trusty Mamiya 7 II in hand.

Apparently there is some kind of invisible trip rope on the corner opposite The Rising Sun. I stepped off the curb, composing potential shots of The Riser in my mind, and into space. The road was simply not where my spatial memory thought it was. That combined with my dodgy “footy knee” (you know, the one that stopped me playing AFL) to produce a wonderfully amusing result.

Looking around (like most photographers do) instead of where I was going, my body started to unbalance itself, and I felt myself falling. The Mamiya was on my shoulder, in my left hand. Like a cat, I rotated as I fell, to make sure my mendable bones would break instead of my lovely camera. As asphalt and flesh co-mingled, for a micro second I thought I had pulled it off.

Until I felt my left arm unwind and extend as part of the biomechanics of the fall… And then the crunch…

The Physical Aftermath - wounds that will heal...

There were a bunch of people at the corner, and a some concerned rubberneckers in a convertible right next to me. Everyone was calling “R U OK?” “R U OK?”…

At a Flickrmeet, everyone would have been rushing over to check the camera.

Anyway, I got up and had the obligatory cringe moment, then checked the camera. It had sounded like the lens had been bashed. I gulped, realising this was going to be an expensive fall…

Lens was fine. Awesome. No noticeable marks on the camera either. But I felt it hit the road. I checked the body quickly again. I then bid my wife adieu to get home and clean all the blood that was gushing out of my hand and leg.

Poop - there it is... Found it. Wounds that may not heal so well...

Hadn’t taken a shot yet, but had already put some now discontinued E100G in. Better take a roll to make sure nothing is broken. Then it hit me – What camera in my entire collection is the one you would least like to drop? Yes, The Mamiya 7 II in all it’s plasticky glory. I found the damage.

The test roll should determine if the body is stuffed. Might be time to start trolling Ebay for another body…

A bandaid is not going to fix this... Fingers crossed it is still light tight. Anybody got some gaffer tape?

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1 Response to Call me Ahmad – Disaster on the Corner of Burnley and Swan Street

  1. Katie says:

    Bummer! as sad as it is to hurt a camera this way, I’m still glad YOU didn’t suffer any permanent damage!!

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